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Post by zenas19 on Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:52 pm

Figured the polite thing like on any forum is to introduce myself. My name is Zenas (not my real name), been watching the buddyfight anime since the beginning, and wanted to get into the card game for a while. Finally got started on getting the cards to build the deck I want, only problem is I live in Maryland, and only 3 stores in the whole state sell Buddyfight cards. I found out the other day that one isn't too far from me, but since I don't have a car it'll be tough to get there. Either way, I'm excited to get into playing Buddyfight. Other than Buddyfight, I've been a hardcore Yugioh player for almost 10 years. I'm on the BF SIM, and I'm always glad to fight, no one in my area is into the game, my two best friends are only yugioh players, and are only willing to fund one card game hobby, so anyone I can find who's into the game is welcome to challenge me. Haven't actually fought anyone yet, so opponents to help me train are greatly appreciated


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